• Intel’s Social Media Training

    Social media Digital Article
    Are you exploring how to create a social media strategy for your company? Are you looking for a company to benchmark? One you might consider looking at first is Intel Corporation. We have been following the journey taken by Bryan Rhoads, Senior Digital Strategist at Intel whose job title is our pick for one of […]
  • Hootsuite's CEO on What He Learned from Getting Hacked on Social Media

    Technology & Operations Digital Article
    Advice for other executives.
  • Vancouver’s Twitter Lesson

    Social media Digital Article
    Don’t fault us for not getting the torch up in time, Canadians invented insulin not viagra. #van2010 #olympics Joseph Uranowki’s joke entered the flow of Olympic tweets during the opening ceremonies. Just moments before, live broadcasts showed three legs of the Olympic cauldron rising out of the stadium floor, while a fourth conspicuously failed to […]
  • Conformity and the Crowd

    Innovation & Entrepreneurship Magazine Article
    Companies have developed "mass customization" tools that allow customers to design their own products; and social media lets people get input from friends...
  • Should I Accept that LinkedIn Invitation?

    Social media Digital Article
    The “favor test” will tell you the answer.
  • The True So-What of Social Media

    Communication Digital Article
    "Social media" is one of those terms that means different things to different people. Some history: it was originally associated with Web 2.0, the Web's...
  • Stop Looking for the Next Twitter

    Innovation Digital Article
    If you are a pundit, or get paid to watch trends, then this message doesn’t apply to you. It’s your job to go out and find the next shiny object that could influence how we live and do business. But if you’re in the trenches of an organization, my advice is to stop acting like […]
  • The China 2.0 Innovation Dilemma

    Web-based technologies Digital Article
    In the wake of uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, China briefly shut down LinkedIn access. Someone had apparently tried to organize an online discussion on a topic that offended the authorities. The social medium doesn’t matter. Don’t mess with the Great Firewall of China. But political unrest enabled by social media has virtually all […]
  • Case Study: When the Twitterverse Turns on You

    Social media Digital Article
    An airline’s social-media contest backfires. How should the company respond?
  • Why Social Sharing Is Bigger than Facebook and Twitter

    Social media Digital Article
    The digital landscape is being reshaped by the news that Facebook is opening up its social graph. Twitter, too, has made waves by acquiring companies that made third-party services for Twitter. But if you take a closer look, this is part of a more macro trend that transcends two social platforms–despite their emerging dominance. That […]
  • How Social Is Too Social?

    Social media Digital Article
    Imagine walking up to an ATM — you insert your card and begin to check your balance before you put in the amount of cash you want to withdraw from the machine. As you do this, a small crowd of people begins to form around you peering over your shoulder. Some are friends, some family, […]
  • Marketing Is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It

    Sales & Marketing Digital Article
    Do you like your customers enough?
  • When the Internet (Over) Reacts

    Web-based technologies Digital Article
    Earlier this month, an unfolding story highlighted how the Internet reacts to news at the speed of thought. Balloon Boy was (apparently) airborne. The world watched and, as is now common, participated in the ongoing online discussion. On Twitter, we watched 3 or 4 trending topics related to Balloon Boy take hold of the nation. […]
  • Why Porter's Model No Longer Works

    Strategy & Execution Digital Article
    Imagine that you wanted a new home theater system. But instead of spending hours in Best Buy or on Amazon comparing configurations and assembling the...
  • Increase Your Company’s Productivity With Social Media

    Organizational culture Digital Article
    A growing number of companies talk about the benefits of adopting web 2.0 tools inside the organization, but the list is short for companies that are using them for increased business results. Unisys, the 138-year old tech firm, has quickly made “going social” part of its culture. Here’s how they did it, and how they’re […]
  • Managing Yourself: What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?

    Business communication Magazine Article
    The CEO of a global technology firm was invited to lecture at a local university on the future of the internet. After his presentation, a student in the audience asked him for his views on network neutrality: the idea that internet service providers shouldn’t base their prices on the content their customers access. The CEO […]
  • Shaking Things Up at Coca-Cola

    Growth strategy Magazine Article
    Listen to an excerpt of the interview.Download this podcast Since Muhtar Kent took the helm of Coca-Cola, in July 2008, he has set a course for ambitious, long-term growth—even in a supposedly mature U.S. market—with the goal of doubling revenue by 2020. Kent has tried to rejuvenate an inward-looking, “arrogant” corporate culture and has reinvested […]
  • One Cafe Chain's Facebook Experiment

    Sales & Marketing Magazine Article
    How much can you really influence consumers when you launch a Facebook page to attract "fans" and to pepper them with messages and offers? Quite a lot,...
  • Building Customer Communities Is the Key to Creating Value

    Sales & Marketing Digital Article
    You're denying the new marketing reality if you're not encouraging social capital.
  • Miracle Whip, Marmite, and the Love-It-or-Hate-It Brand

    Marketing Digital Article
    Miracle Whip’s latest campaign is intended to be provocative. “Are You Miracle Whip?” asks us to take sides: do you love the not-quite-mayonnaise or hate it? Some commentators like Robert Passikoff think that encouraging people to hate a brand is a risky move, but in reality the campaign is simply following a tried-and-tested approach to […]