• The Subordinate’s Predicaments

    Collaboration and teams Magazine Article
    How can subordinates improve relations with their superiors? And how can superiors help their subordinates feel comfortable in what is often a tense relationship? These questions have usually been dealt with only indirectly in management circles. Yet the relationship is so threatening to many subordinates that they react in ways that are damaging to themselves […]
  • The Real Value of Middle Managers

    Leadership development Digital Article
    In the era of remote and hybrid work, their role as connectors is more important than ever. Here’s what they need to succeed.
  • Are You Considering a Job with Two Managers?

    Organizational culture Digital Article
    Three questions can save you from getting caught in the middle.
  • What to Do If Your Team Doesn’t Want to Go Back to the Office

    Remote work Digital Article
    …but company leaders are insisting on it.
  • Get Your Boss to Pay Attention to Customers

    Customer experience Digital Article
    I recently went back and revisited my post about how companies can unintentionally create blind spots when it comes to the customers’ experience. Several comments asked for more specific guidance as to how you can convince senior leaders of the importance of spending time with and understanding customers. Some suggestions: 1. Create a startling message […]
  • From Zimbabwe to the C-Suite: Our Responsibilities for Addressing Bad Leadership

    Leadership Digital Article
    During the last week the tut-tutting morphed into screaming and yelling. But it was too little too late. Despite all the recent hand-wringing and blame-gaming by many of the world’s most powerful and prominent leaders, Zimbabwe’s longtime despot, Robert Mugabe, received 85.5 % of the vote in Friday’s sham election. So without further ado he […]
  • Managing Multiple Bosses

    Managing yourself Best Practice
    In the movie Office Space — a comedy about work life in a typical 1990s software company — the protagonist, Peter Gibbons, has eight different bosses. All of them, seemingly unaware of each other, pass by his desk and tell him what to do. While the film is most certainly a satire, for some, it […]
  • How to Influence Decision Makers

    Managing up Digital Article
    “The biggest challenge that I face at work is not managing my team. It is dealing with my boss and upper management. Any suggestions?” Every decision in your company is made by the person who has the power to make that decision — not necessarily the “right” person, the “smartest” person, or the “best” person. […]
  • How to Get Noticed by Your Boss’s Boss

    Managing up Digital Article
    Ten steps for demonstrating your value.
  • Another “Follower” Takes a Leadership Stand (Against the Supreme Court)

    Leadership Digital Article
    Those of you who occasionally read my blog, or who in some other way are familiar with my work, will not be surprised to learn that every time there’s a story about the powerless intruding on the powerful, I get interested. For in the last couple of years I have become convinced that those who […]