One privilege of my job is that I meet a lot of CEOs—some for informal chats and some for interviews on The New World of Work, the program I host on LinkedIn. These interactions have given me great respect for the challenges of the role—and for the impact a good CEO can have on an organization. That’s why deciding who should lead a company has such high stakes.

In this issue’s Spotlight, “Choosing Your Next CEO,” we explore how the demands of the job are changing—and how boards should respond. In “The C-Suite Skills That Matter Most,” Raffaella Sadun and three coauthors pres­ent research showing that boards are focusing less on leaders’ technical skills and more on their ability to deal with people. “Today,” they write, “firms need to hire executives who are able to motivate diverse, technologically savvy, and global workforces; who can play the role of corporate statesperson.”

In a companion piece, “As the World Shifts, So Should Leaders,” the former Harvard Business School dean Nitin Nohria examines how differing historical eras favor CEOs with differing strengths. He posits that amid war, inflation, labor upheavals, and tangled supply chains, we’re experiencing a zeitgeist shift—one that will require leaders with the contextual intelligence and skills to respond to these times.

As the challenges facing our world continue to grow, it’s essential that business leaders keep adapting and rising to meet them.

A version of this article appeared in the July–August 2022 issue of Harvard Business Review.